• Time-varying Sinusoidal Demodulation for Non-stationary Modelling of Speech:
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    • Binaural audio recording podcast done in the Varechoic Chamber in our lab using B&K Head and Torso Simulator. Use a headphone and listen to the audio in a quite environment. You may get amazed by the`` richness'' of the recording.
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    • Mel-Scale Sub-band Modelling for Perceptually Improved Time-Scale Modification of Speech and Audio Signals (Submitted to NCC 2017):

                (a) Click here to go to the demo page containing the sound samples. [ ]Illustration of Time-scale Modification

    • Sound Source Tracking:

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    Demo 1

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    Demo 2:

    • Sound Source Localization using sign of TDEs:


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    • Voiced sound synthesis using a time-varying signal model - Click here.