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Ph.D Scholars
Thesis Title
Currently At
K. Suresh (QIP)
MDCT domain enhancements for Audio ProcessingAssoc. Professor at College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram
Saikat Chatterjee
Rate-Distortion Performance and Complexity Optimized Structured Vector
Senior Researcher, KTH Sweden
Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula
Time-varying signal models: Envelope and frequency estimation with applica-
tions to speech/music compression
Faculty, EE Dept., IISc
RNV Sitaram
March 1998
Speech recognition using hidden Markov models incorporating phonemic proper-
HP Labs
A Sreenivasa Murthy (QIP)
Non-stationary techniques for signal enhancement with applicaiton
to speech, ECG and non-uniformly sampled signals
Faculty, UVCE, Bangalore

Master of Science (Engg.)

 Name    Thesis Title
Currently At
Arthi Subramaniam
Timbre perception of time-varying signalsProject Assistant, Integrated Systems Laboratory, Dept of ECE, Anna University, Chennai
KVS Narayana
Aug'06-Jan 2009
Spectro-temporal Features for Robust speech recognition
Technical Lead, Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore, India
Nishant Ulhas Nair
Jan'06-Jul 2008 (Best thesis medal)
Joint evaluation of multiple speech patterns for speech training and
Pursuing Ph.D. at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
S V Basavaraja
Aug'04-Jan 2007
Robust techniques of language modeling for spoken language identification
Nokia India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India
S Krishnakumar
(C DAC, Trivandrum) Aug'00-May 2007
Digital watermarking of audio signalsCDAC, Trivandrum, India
Prasanta K. Ghosh
Jan'04-Jan 2006 (Best paper award)
Non-uniform sample based speech analysis and coding
INSPIRE Faculty Fellow, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
AG Krishna
Aug 2002-Feb 2005
Automatic recognition and classification of music instrument sounds
Senior Researcher, Nokia Research Center, Bangalore, India
GV Kiran
Aug 2001-July 2004
Auditory model based hearing-aid assessment and processing
AKV Sai Jayram
(C-DOT) Jan 2000-July 2004
Language identification through acoustic sub-word unitsGroup leader, C-DOT, Bangalore
Mukundh Nagarajan
(Infosys) Jan 1999-Sep 2003
Product-HMM and HMM based vocoding
Principal, Education and Research, Infosys, Bangalore
B Ravi
Jan 2000-May 2003
TEO and its applications to speech/audio, ECG and Image signals 
S Satheesh
(C-DOT) Aug 1998-Dec 2001
Adaptive sub-band coding of audio signals using spectral and temporal masking properties
Senior Program Manager, Qualcomm
G Viswanath
Jan 1997
Robustness and localization in time-varying spectral estimation
Suryan Stalin
May 1994
Optimized neural network dichotomizer for speech recognition
Founder at eChromatic, San Fanscisco Bay Area, USA
AS Prabhavathy
Jun 1993
Robust frequency estimation using auditory representations 

Master of Engineering (ME):
Name                             Thesis TitleAfter completing ME (since last update)                                                 
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2012-2014
Hubot Localization
Joined SignalChip
Joshin PK
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2012-2014
Hubot Localization
Asst. Prof. PESIT, Bangalore
Ankur Raina
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2011-2013

Pursuing PhD, in a DESE, IISc
Arun Raj
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2011-2013

Sayan Ghosh
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2010-2012
Pursuing PhD, in a Univ. Southern California, US
Srikanth Raj Ch.
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2009-2011
Compressive sensingPursuing PhD, ECE, IISc
T Vijay Kumar
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2009-2011
Speech & Audio Content retrievalRobert Bosch
Vempati Narasimha Murthy
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2009-2011     
Hubot Communication
Robert Bosch
Ajay Srinivasamurthy
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2008-2010 (Best student medal)
Reverberant speech processing for Hubot CommunicationPursuing Ph.D at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
G Durga Kalyan
M.E. (Signal Processing), 2008-2010
Speech & Audio Content retrieval
Tarun K
M.E (Signal Processing), 2008-2010
Compressive sensingDigital IC Design Engineer, Marvell Seminconductor, Bangalore, India
Nadir C.I.
May'08-Jul'09 (Best student medal)
Binaural speech enhancementSystems Software Engineer, Nvidia Graphics Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India
Nishkam Jain
Multimodal biometricsScientist/Engineer, ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Manasa M
Stochastic models and speaker adaptation
Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments, Bangalore, India
B Kiran Kumar
Automatic Recognition of Orthoptera songs
Achintya Kundu
Speech Enhancement: A Bayesian Estimation Approach using Gaussian Mixture Model
Pursuing Ph.D in CSA, IISc
Gowtham Krishna B.
Speaker Adaptation Techniques for Automatic Speech Recognition
P Phanikrishna
Time-varying models for low bitrate speech coding
M Krusheel
Out-of-vabulary (OOV) word rejection in ASR
Sriram Ganapathy
Eigenvoice approach to speaker and channel adaptation
Research Staff Member, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY, USA
Resmi Rajendran
Vocabulary independent keyword spotting using acoustic subword units
Engineer, Cisco Systems, Bangalore, India
Sunil Kumar T.
Markov model based segmental speech enhancement 
Anindya Sarkar
Novel segmentation techniques and their application to speech Research Scientist in BioImagene, Sunnyvale, California, USA
Harash Sharma
Speaker segmentation in conversational speech
Research Center Imarat, Hyderabad, India
Sameer Badasker
Speaker identifi.cation and segmentation in continuous speech
Engineering Manager at Apple Inc, San Francisco Bay Area, USA
P Srinivas
May'03-Jul'04 (with Dr. V. Ramasubramanian)
Pronunciation modeling in acoustic subword based speech recognition 
C Narayana Setty
Audio coding using a non-stationary signal modelSoftware Engineer, Cisco Systems, Bangalore
Gururaj P
Jan 2003 (with Dr. V. Ramasubramanian)
Sub-word based isolated word recognition
D. Sathish
Jan 2002
LSFs as robust features for speech recognition
Kumar Brijbhushan
Jan 2002
Speaker Identification using Gaussian mixture models
Mohan Nimaje
Jan 2002
Coding of speech for Voice over IP
Manager, Nvidia Graphics Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India
GSV Uma Kishore
Jan 2001
Robust speech recognition
Senior Chief Engineer, Samsung India Software, Bangalore, India
PV Suresh Babu
Jan 2000
Vector quantization for audio coding
Tej Pratap Rai
Jan 2000
Noise compensation techniques for ARSR
Bishwarup Mondal
Jan 2000
Time-varying sinusoidal models for speech and audio
Arshad Ahmed
Jan 2000
Discriminant training of HMMs using deterministic annealing
Manu Mathew
Jan 2000
Optimum filter-banks for robust feature estimation 
Rileen Sinha
Jun 1999
Multilingual accented word recognition using HMMs
Computational Cancer Biologist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY, USA
A Anand
Jun 1999
Multi-channel noisy speech enhancement
Dheeraj Sreedhar
Jan 1999
Robust estimation of speech parameters through signal enhancementTechnical Staff Member, IBM India Research Lab, Bangalore, India
M Anand
Jan 1999
Robust speech recognition using HMMs 
N Srividhya
Jun 1998
Comparison of quantization in current audio coders 
Sachin Desai
Jun 1997
Keyword spotting using perceptual linear prediction 
Rahul Sadafule
Jan 1997
Psycho-acoustic issues in perceptual audio coding
Chacko Thomas
Jan 1997
Real-time spatial sound processingCisco Systems, Bangalore, India
Supriyo Palit
Jan 1996
Keyword spotting without garbage models
Software Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments, Bangalore, India
V Balakrishnan
Jan 1996
Variable bitrate CELP coder 
AV Narasimhan
Jan 1995
Application of HMMs to keyword spotting 
Nandita Deo
Jan 1995
Transform coding of speech signals 
Amit Ghosh
Jan 1995
Speech enhancement using HMMs
Pradeep H Kirnapure
Jan 1994
Speech enhancement using codebook constrained Wiener .ltering
Chief Engineer, Hughes Systique, Gurgaon, India
R Narasimha Swamy
Jan 1994
Hi-Fi audio effects using real time DSP
General Manager, Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited, Bangalore, India
RR Patwardhan
Jan 1994
Keyword spotting in continuous speech using HMMs
Arun Hiregange
Jan 1993
Transform coding of audio signals based on perceptual criteria
Consultant in Embedded Systems, Bangalore, India
Gagan B Rath
Jan 1993
Connected letter recognition using level-building algorithm
K Radhakrishnan C
Jan 1993
Digital Signal Processor realization of high fidelity audio filters
N Sundher
Jun 1992
Vector quantization of formant contours for speech enhancement
AV Srikumar
Jan 1992
Quantization of CELP coder for low bit rates
VS Unnikrishnan
Jun 1991
Pruned neural network architecture for EEG signal enhancement 
N Rama Kowsalya
Jan 1991
Analysis of DTW algorithms for speech recognition