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M.E Projects

ME Projects:
1. N Rama Kowsalya: “Analysis of DTW algorithms for speech recognition,” Jan 1991.
2. VS Unnikrishnan: “Pruned neural network architecture for EEG signal enhancement,” Jun 1991.
3. AV Srikumar: “Quantization of CELP coder for low bit rates,” Jan 1992.
4. N Sundher: “Vector quantization of formant contours for speech enhancement,” Jun 1992.
5. K Radhakrishnan C: “Digital Signal Processor realization of high fidelity audio filters,” Jan 1993.
6. Gagan B Rath: “Connected letter recognition using level-building algorithm,” Jan 1993.
7. A Hiregange: “Transform coding of audio signals based on perceptual criteria,” Jan 1993.
8. RR Patwardhan: “Keyword spotting in continuous speech using HMMs,” Jan 1994.
9. R Narasimha Swamy: “Hi-Fi audio effects using real time DSP,” Jan 1994.
10. Pradeep H Kirnapure: “Speech enhancement using codebook constrained Wiener filtering,” Jan 1994.
11. Amit Ghosh: “Speech enhancement using HMMs,” Jan 1995.
12. Nandita Deo: “Transform coding of speech signals,” Jan 1995.
13. AV Narasimhan: “Application of HMMs to keyword spotting,” Jan 1995.
14. Supriyo Palit: “Keyword spotting without garbage models,” Jan 1996.
15. V Balakrishnan: “Variable bitrate CELP coder,” Jan 1996.
16. Supriyo Palit: “Keyword spotting without garbage models,” Jan 1996.
17. Nandita Deo:, “Transform coding of speech,” Jun 1996.
18. Chacko Thomas: “Real-time spatial sound processing,” Jan 1997.
19. Rahul Sadafule: “Psycho-acoustic issues in perceptual audio coding,” Jan 1997.
20. Sachin Desai: “Keyword spotting using perceptual linear prediction,” Jun 1997.
21. N Srividhya: ”Comparison of quantization in current audio coders”, Jun 1998.
22. M Anand: “Robust speech recognition using HMMs,” Jan 1999.
23. Dheeraj Sreedhar: “Robust estimation of speech parameters through signal enhancement,” Jan 1999.
24. A Anand: “Multi-channel noisy speech enhancement,” Jun 1999.
25. Rileen Sinha: “Multi-lingual accented word recognition using HMMs,” Jun 1999.
26. Manu Mathew: “Optimum filter-banks for robust feature estimation,” Jan 2000.
27. Arshad Ahmed: “Discriminant training of HMMs using deterministic annealing,” Jan 2000.
28. Bishwarup Mondal: “Time-varying sinusoidal models for speech and audio,” Jan 2000.
29. Tej Pratap Rai: “Noise compensation techniques for ARSR,” Jan 2000.
30. PV Suresh Babu: “Vector quantization for audio coding,” Jan 2000.
31. GSV Uma Kishore: “Robust speech recognition,” Jan 2001.
32. Mohan Nimaje: “Coding of speech for Voice over IP,” Jan 2002.
33. Kumar Brijbhushan: “Speaker identification using Gaussian mixture models,” Jan 2002.
34. D. Sathish: “LSFs as robust features for speech recognition,” Jan 2002
35. Gururaj, P: “Sub-word based isolated word recognition,” Jan 2003 (with Dr. V. Ramasubramanian).
36. C Narayana Setty: “Audio coding using a non-stationary signal model,” May’03-July’04.
37. P Srinivas: “Pronounciation modeling in acoustic subword based speech recognition,”May’03-Jul’04 (with Dr. V. Ramasubramanian).
38. Sameer Badasker: “Speaker identification and segmentation in continuous speech,” May’03-July’04.
39. Harash Sharma: “Speaker segmentation in conversational speech,” May’04-July’05
40. Anindya Sarkar: “Novel segmentation techniques and their application to speech,” May’04-July’05.
41. Sunil Kumar, T.: “Markov model based segmental speech enhancement,” May’04-July’05.
42. Resmi Rajendran: “Vocabulary independent keyword spotting using acoustic subword units,” May’05-Jul’06.
43. G Sriram: “Eigenvoice approach to speaker and channel adaptation,” May’05-Jul’06.
44. M Krusheel: “Out-of-vabulary (OOV) word rejection in ASR,” May’06-Jul’07.
45. P Phanikrishna: “Time-varying models for low bitrate speech coding,” May’06-Jul’07.
46. Gowtham Krishna, B.: “Speaker Adaptation Techniques for Automatic Speech Recognition,” May’07-Jul’08.
47. Achintya Kundu: “Speech Enhancement: A Bayesian Estimation Approach using Gaussian Mixture Model,” May’07-Jul’08.
48. B Kiran Kumar: “Automatic Recognition of Orthoptera songs,” May’07-Jul’08.
49. Manasa, M: “Stochastic models and speaker adaptation,” May’08-Jul’09.
50. Nishkam Jain: “Multimodal biometrics,” May’08-Jul’09.
51. Nadir, C.I.: “Binaural speech enhancement,” May’08-Jul’09. (Best student medal)
52. Ajay, S.: “Multi-channel de-reverberation of speech,” May’09-Jul’10.
53. Tarun : “Distributed Compressive sensing for speech/audio,” May’09-Jul’10.
54. Kalyan, G.D. “Speech/Audio content retrieval,” May’09-Jul’10