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M.Sc.(Engg) Thesis

  1. AS Prabhavathy: M.Sc.(Engg), "Robust frequency estimation using auditory representations," completed Jun 1993.
  2. Suryan Stalin: M.Sc.(Engg), "Optimized neural network dichotomizer for speech recognition," completed May 1994.
  3. G Viswanath: M.Sc.(Engg), "Robustness and localization in time-varying spectral estimation," completed, Jan 1997.
  4. B Ravi: M.Sc.(Engg), "TEO and its applications to speech/audio, ECG and Image signals," Jan 2000-May 2003.
  5. GV Kiran: M.Sc.(Engg), "Auditory model based hearing-aid assessment and processing," completed, Aug 2001-July 2004. (viva 2008)
  6. AG Krishna: M.Sc.(Engg), "Automatic recognition and classi?cation of music instrument sounds," completed, Aug 2002-Feb 2005.
  7. Prasanta K. Ghosh: M.Sc.(Engg), "Non-uniform sample based speech analysis and coding," Jan’04-Jan 2006. (Best paper award)
  8. SV Basavaraja: M.Sc.(Engg) "Robust techniques of language modeling for spoken language identification,"completed, Aug’04-Jan 2007.
  9. Nishant Ullas Nair: M.Sc.(Engg) "Joint evaluation of multiple speech patterns for speech training and recognition," completed, Jan’06-Jul 2008. (Best thesis medal)
  10. KVS Narayana: M.Sc. (Engg), "Spectro-temporal Features for Robust speech recognition," completed, Aug’06-Jan 2009.
  1. S Satheesh (CDOT): M.Sc.(Engg) "Adaptive sub-band coding of audio signlas using spectral and temporal masking properties," completed, Aug 1998-Dec 2001.
  2. N Mukundh (Infosys): M.Sc.(Engg) "Product-HMM and HMM based vocoding," completed, Jan 1999-Sep 2003.
  3. AKV Sai Jayram (CDOT): M.Sc.(Engg) "Language identi?cation through acoustic sub-word units," completed, Jan 2000-July 2004.
  4. S Krishnakumar (C DAC, Trivandrum): M.Sc.(Engg) "Digital watermarking of audio signals," completed,Aug’00-May 2007.
  5. P Bijesh (Analog Devices): M.Sc.(Engg) "Audio Content Classification," discontinued, Aug 2006-Dec 2008.