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Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D Thesis
  1. RNV Sitaram: Ph.D. “Speech recognition using hidden Markov models incorporating phonemic properties,” completed, March 1998.
  2. A Sreenivasa Murthy (QIP): Ph.D. “Non-stationary Speech Analysis and enhancement,” work completed, Aug’99-Dec’08.
  3. S Chandra Sekhar: Ph.D. “Time-varying signal models: Envelope and frequency estimation with applications to speech/music compression,”completed Aug’99-May’05.
  4. Saikat Chatterjee: Ph.D. “Rate-Distortion Performance and Complexity Optimized Structured Vector Quantization,” completed, Aug’03-Jun’08.
  5. K. Suresh (QIP): Ph.D. “MDCT domain enhancements for Audio Processing,” thesis submitted, Aug’04-Dec’08.
  6. Mrugesh R. Gajjar: Ph.D. “Efficient parallel architectures for speech recognition algorithms,” Aug’06- (jointly with Prof. Govindarajan);  discontinued
  7. Arun Kanthi (QIP): Ph.D. “Machine learning for LID and other applications,” Aug’08discontinued
  8. Harshavardhan, S: Ph.D. “Multi-channel Speech processing for moving sources,” Aug’08- Mar'16
  9. Mahesh, R: Ph.D. “Automatic subword units for speech recognition,” Aug’09- discontinued